HIV Prevention Services​

HIV Prevention Services​

Education, Outreach and Prevention

At BU Wellness Network, we believe the people we serve deserve to be empowered. Am informed, well-education client leads to a stronger organization and a healthier community.

Club & Street Outreach

Outreach happens during non-traditional hours at locations throughout Indianapolis, to deliver tailored and appropriate messages and materials to encourage safe sex, risk reduction and the importance of knowing your HIV status.

Internet Outreach and Prevention

Internet prevention and outreach focuses on HIV/STD prevention, education, and awareness on social media websites and chatrooms to encourage safe sex, risk reduction.

HIV Screenings

We offer FREE & CONFIDENTIAL HIV Testing. We use the INSTI HIV Antibody Tests.

STD Screenings

We offer screenings for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis-C, and Syphilis.*

HIV and STD Screening Hours

*We provide screenings, but not treatment for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis-C, and Syphilis


A safe space and support group for transgender women of color. S.O.U.L empowers individuals through social support, fun activities, and authentic conversations. Contact Flomichelle Battles at for more information.

Join The Fight For Community Health!

BU Wellness Network is the largest African-American AIDS service organization (ASO) in the state of Indiana. We provide services to more than 35% of all African-American individuals living with HIV in the state.