BU Wellness Strategic Plan

BU Wellness Network Strategic Plan -- FY2021 – FY2024

The objective of the strategic planning process is to position BU for long-term relevance, impact, and sustainability. These three key terms are described as follows:

Relevance: the ability to identify and respond to emerging high priority needs within BU’s priority populations.

Impact: the ability to produce quality outcomes that advance BU’s mission.

Sustainability: the ability to create mission impact while maintaining financial sustainability.

The long-term strategic plan for BU is based on a few key assumptions:

The Strategic Questions the Process Sought to Answer

1. Impact – What is our vision for the Black communities we serve?

2. Financial Sustainability/Growth – In what ways should BU adjust its business model to meet its vision?
How does BU grow its resources beyond grant funding?

3. External Environment – How do we adapt to changes in the HIV and health landscape and respond to the
emerging high priority needs within our service area?

4. Expansion – How do we expand beyond central Indiana? What services do we provide statewide?

5. Staffing – What is the ideal staffing structure to best serve the community? How do we attract and retain
solid talent? What is the appropriate leadership structure?

6. Governance – What role does the Board play as we strive to fulfill our mission? What is the ideal composition
of the BU Board to advance BU’s strategic priorities?

7. Should BU consider moving toward an FQHC or FQHC-look alike, or should it stay in the CBO space?

Core Values

Vision Statement

BU envisions a world where…

Mission Statement

To enhance the health and wellness of Black communities in Indiana.

Contribute to the collective wellbeing of our community!